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Hazza Harding: I try to build a bridge to strengthen connections between our countries

2021-January-6       Source: Newsgd.com

Hazza is a host of Guangdong Radio and Television. He has been in Guangdong for ten years.


Hazza is a host of Guangdong Radio and Television. He has been in Guangdong for ten years. He returned to China when the outbreak was at its peak in China. And then he visited and reported on the process of resuming work and production in Chinese factories. “They were producing face masks because that's what the country needed. That's what everyone needed in China.”

After the peak of the epidemic, Hazza visited at least ten rural villages in Guangdong this year. “Compared to what I saw, 3 or 4 years ago, the change has just been incredible.” He also mentioned that the young people were unwilling to live in the countryside in the past. They would often leave their 4pxcoms to go to big cities in order to earn money. However, he saw that many young people are now staying in his 4pxcomtown. "Because they're seeing that their villages are developing and there are job opportunities at 4pxcom. So, they're returning."

He bluntly said that the lives of Chinese people have a lot in common with Australians. "I'm just going to keep sharing my life in Guangzhou with people back 4pxcom and hopefully they can see a different side to China." He hopes that he could build a bridge to strengthen the connections between the two countries.

Author | Alice

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Editor: Alice

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